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María Del Mar Echeverría Segnini

Proud Costa Rican. Passionate about design, architecture, nature and running. 

Pursuing her passion for design and architecture she established MARE DC in 2011 with the mission to bring the best of Italian design and quality into Costa Rica. 

She strongly believes that the best is always yet to come, working hard and being consistent with her values. She gets an extra help always trusting in her intuition.

She has BA in marketing & and MBA in Finance, economics & sustainable development from INCAE Business School. She is a member of the Board of Directors of ProParques and Millenial Committee in CRUSA.

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Cesar Acuña 

Architect, passionate about good interior design and architectural innovation. He has a natural talent, understanding people and its needs, while being keen for excellence. 

Photography is another of his passions and nature the main source of inspiration. 

Cesar is the head of our Design Team since 2016, leading  various projects to a successful execution. 

His positive attitude and willingness to help others are some of his trademarks.  

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Karla Cerdas

Karla has a mayor in Business with a emphasis in Trade Commerce, this plus her energetic attitude made her the ideal match for becoming the head of our Administrative and Logistics department. 

She is a Ballet Dancer since the age of 3, from which she has learned important values such as: Discipline, dedication and persistence. 

Karla is always willing to solve any situation that cross her path, with a positive attitude and owning the process until she gets the desired outcome. 


Pamela is a Business student with extreme care to detail. She is the part of the administrative and logistics department making sure things arrive at the right time and in perfect conditions.

Even though she is quiet she is very caring about her team mates. She is a foodie and enjoys discovering new places with good cuisine.

With her beautiful smile she is always at disposition to help.


Randall Garro, Salvador Solorzano, Carlos Araya & Emanuel Nuñez

Energetic, meticulous and careful are some of the trademarks of our in-house installation team. They are the master in charge of making our designs and products become a reality. 

They are not just workers, they are artisans that want to break the status quo and raise the bar in the industry.

They are also in charge of supervising the development of projects conducted by third parties.